Jens Ducrée

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We present two novel fluidic concepts to drastically accelerate the process of mixing in batch-mode (stopped-flow) on centrifugal microfluidic platforms. The core of our simple and robust setup exhibits a microstructured disk with a round mixing chamber rotating on a macroscopic drive unit. In the first approach, magnetic beads which are prefilled into the(More)
We present a novel microfluidic concept to enable a fast colorimetric alcohol assay from a single droplet of whole blood. The reduced turn-around time of 150 seconds is, on the one hand, achieved by a full process integration including metering, mixing with reagents, and sedimentation of cellular constituents. On the other hand, our novel total internal(More)
The centrifugal "lab-on-a-disc" concept has proven to have great potential for process integration of bioanalytical assays, in particular where ease-of-use, ruggedness, portability, fast turn-around time and cost efficiency are of paramount importance. Yet, as all liquids residing on the disc are exposed to the same centrifugal field, an inherent challenge(More)
We present a novel concept to process human blood on a spinning polymer disk for the determination of the hematocrit level by simple visual inspection. The microfluidic disk which is spun by a macroscopic drive unit features an upstream metering structure and a downstream blind channel where the centrifugally enforced sedimentation of the blood is(More)
We present a centrifugal process for the extraction of plasma from sediment by a decanting structure, terminating with metered plasma which is readily available for subsequent on-disk processing. Our technique supplies 2 microl plasma from 5 microl of whole blood at moderate spinning frequencies of 40 Hz within 20 s, only. The residual cell concentration in(More)
This study presents a novel method for the direct, centrifugally induced fabrication of small, Ca2+-hardened alginate beads at polymer-tube micronozzles. The bead diameter can arbitrarily be adjusted between 180-800 microm by the nozzle geometry and spinning frequencies between 5-28 Hz. The size distribution of the main peak features a CV of 7-16%, only. Up(More)
Mortality rates of up to 50% have been reported after liver failure due to drug-induced hepatotoxicity and certain viral infections (Gao et al., 2008). These adverse conditions frequently affect HIV and tuberculosis patients on regular medication in resource-poor settings. Here, we report full integration of sample preparation with the read-out of a(More)
Over the past two decades, centrifugal microfluidic systems have successfully demonstrated their capability for robust, high-performance liquid handling to enable modular, multi-purpose lab-on-a-chip platforms for a wide range of life-science applications. Beyond the handling of homogeneous liquids, the unique, rotationally controlled centrifugal actuation(More)
Modern advancements in pharmaceuticals have provided individuals who have been infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) with the possibility of significantly extending their survival rates. When administered sufficiently soon after infection, antiretroviral therapy (ART) allows medical practitioners to control onset of the symptoms of the(More)
We present a substantially improved design and functionality of a centrifugo-magnetophoretic platform which integrates direct immunoseparation and cost-efficient, bright-field detection of cancer cells in whole blood. All liquid handling takes place in a disposable cartridge with geometry akin to a conventional compact disc (CD). The instrumentation(More)