Jens Drachman Bukh

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BACKGROUND In depression, non-remission, recurrence of depressive episodes after remission and conversion to bipolar disorder are crucial determinants of poor outcome. The present study aimed to determine the cumulative incidences and clinical predictors of these long-term outcomes after the first lifetime episode of depression. METHOD A total of 301 in-(More)
The serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region (5-HTTLPR) is one of the most extensively investigated candidates to be involved in gene–environment interaction associated with depression. Nevertheless, the interaction remains controversial. In an original study, we tested the hypothesis that risk for use of antidepressants following a diagnosis of(More)
OBJECTIVES For the first time to present a systematic review and meta-analysis of the conversion rate and predictors of conversion from unipolar disorder to bipolar disorder. METHODS A systematic literature search up to October 2016 was performed. For the meta-analysis, we only included studies that used survival analysis to estimate the conversion rate.(More)
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