Jens C Pfeifer

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2014 Electron and donor concentrations and mobilities of non doped liquid phase epitaxial GaP layers were studied when varying the annealing process prior to growth. Main donors or the presence of more than one donor were identified by donor ionization energies. After short anneallings the incorporation of sulphur, after long annealings the incorporation of(More)
Fast flow glow discharge mass spectrometry with a Grimm-type ion source providing a high sputter rate was used for the determination of major nonmetallic impurities in magnesium. The analytical signal was found to be strongly influenced by the electrical discharge parameters. For calibration by standard addition, synthetic standard samples were produced in(More)
Motivated by experiments on sheared suspensions that show a transition between ordered and disordered phases, we here study the long-time behavior of a sheared and overdamped two-dimensional system of particles interacting by repulsive forces. As a function of interaction strength and shear rate we find transitions between phases with vanishing and large(More)
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