Jens Bornschein

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The Tangram Workstation is a collaborative system for creating tactile graphics. A transcriber composing a tactile graphic from a visual source is supported by a non-visual reviewer on a two-dimensional tactile pin-matrix device on which he can observe and adapt the work of his sighted team member. We present the results of an evaluation with eight teams,(More)
In this paper BrailleIO, a small .NET framework for developing two-dimensional tactile applications, is presented. It offers general features for displaying tactile information and for interaction. BrailleIO includes hardware abstraction , window and visualization features as well as basic interaction functions, such as panning and zooming on different(More)
To allow for producing high quality tactile graphics, the involvement of blind users in the production process can be a very vital approach. In this paper, we describe a col-laborative tactile graphic workstation. Thereby, a sighted user works with a conventional vector graphic production software while a blind user can edit the same graphic on a(More)
Novel two-dimensional tactile displays enable blind users to not only get access to the textual but also to the graphical content of a graphical user interface. Due to the higher amount of information that can be presented in parallel, orientation and exploration can be more complex. In this paper we present the HyperBraille system, which consists of a(More)