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Consider a pair of point processes, X and Y , where X is regarded as a `true' point process and Y is an imperfect observation of X. For the transformation from X to Y , we consider a number of disturbance mechanisms covering random thinning, displacement , censoring of the displaced points, and, in addition, superposition of extra points. We present the(More)
We consider data from an even-aged, unthinned Sitka spruce experiment in Den-mark. The data is described in detail and the self-thinning process is modelled by a survival model for the discrete survival times. The survival model is based on Cox's proportional hazards model and allows for spatial dependence among the trees. The concept of competition indices(More)
The work has been carried out in the period from May 1997 to July 2000 with Martin Jacobsen as thesis advisor. The thesis contains a brief overall introduction, two introductory chapters and three papers. The introductory chapters have been prepared for this thesis exclusively whereas the papers have been (or will shortly be) submitted for publication. Each(More)
Upon activation, brown and beige adipocytes help to fight excessive fat in rodents, and their oxidative properties can be induced by cooling, capsinoids, and fish oil. New research now suggests that synergistic anti-obesity effects can be achieved by combining such strategies, and that a novel pathway mediates part of the effect.