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We performed a retrospective study in 188 patients (254 feet) with rheumatoid arthritis and compared the late results of Keller's procedure with those of Hueter-Mayo's technique after 7.9 years. More than 60% of the Keller group and 30% of the Hueter-Mayo group were suffering from persistent metatarsalgia due to increased forefoot pressure as well as(More)
We report on the design, fabrication, and characterization of an integrated detector for electron spin resonance spectroscopy operating at 27 GHz. The microsystem, consisting of an LC-oscillator and a frequency division module, is integrated onto a single silicon chip using a conventional complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor technology. The achieved room(More)
Im Rahmen eines gemeinsamen DFG-Projekts zwischen der Universität Ulm und der Universität Hannover wurden grundlegende Arbeiten zum Entwurf von sogenannten Sigma-Delta Analog Digital Wandlern durchgeführt. Diese A/D Wandler werden z.B. für die hochauflösende Digitalisierung von Audiosignalen eingesetzt, aber auch für Sensorschnittstellen genutzt und sie(More)
Fast and high-resolution scanning ion-conductance microscopy (SICM) experiments require a high speed, low noise and low distortion transimpedance amplifier (TIA) as interface circuit. Recent high performance TIAs utilize capacitive feedback. However, their inability to treat DC currents renders them unfavorable for SICM applications and resistive TIAs(More)
BACKGROUND The performance of anesthetic procedures before operating room entry (e.g., with either general or regional anesthesia [RA] induction rooms) should decrease anesthesia-controlled time in the operating room. The authors retrospectively studied the associations between anesthesia techniques and anesthesia-controlled time, evaluating one surgeon(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES (1) To introduce anesthesia clinical pathways as a management tool to improve the quality of care; (2) to use the Procedural Times Glossary published by the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (AACD) as a template for data collection and analysis; and (3) to determine the effects of anesthesia clinical pathways on surgical(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES (1) To incorporate regional anesthesia options for common outpatient orthopedic surgery into clinical pathways; (2) to use the clinical pathway format and the Procedural Times Glossary published by the Association of Anesthesia Clinical Directors (AACD) as management tools to measure postoperative same-day surgery processes and discharge(More)
We present a fully integrated detector suitable for active tracking of interventional devices in MR-guided interventions. The single-chip microsystem consists of a detection coil, a tuning capacitor, an intermediate frequency downconversion receiver, and a phase-locked-loop-based frequency synthesizer. Thanks to the integrated mixer, the chip output stage(More)
We present the first CMOS-only receiver chip for NMR-applications at 300 MHz. The system consists of an on-chip reception coil, a tuning-capacitor, a downconversion-mixer and a low-frequency gain-stage as well as biasing and offset-compensation circuitry. It has an input referred voltage noise density of 0.7 nV/√Hz and a gain of 75 dB. The power(More)