Jens A Leifert

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BACKGROUND Lymphoma patients undergoing therapy must cope with the side-effects of the disease itself, therapy and associated immobility. Peripheral neuropathy (PNP), loss of balance control and weakness not only diminishes patients' quality of life (QOL), it can also affect planning and the dosage of therapy. Exercise may enable patients to reverse these(More)
Accidental intra-arterial injection of drugs is a sporadic complication in i.v. drug addicts. A 22-year-old drug-abuser injected flunitrazepam tablets dissolved in tap water into her left femoral artery and presented with clinical signs of acute ischaemia of the left leg. Severe rhabdomyolysis developed within 5 hours after the injection. Selective arterial(More)
  • J A Leifert
  • International journal of laboratory hematology
  • 2008
Cigarette smoking causes numerous diseases that are associated with anaemia but the resulting low haemoglobin levels may be counterbalanced by increased red blood cell production caused by chronic exposure to carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke. Diverse mechanisms are involved in influencing the development or the course of anaemic disease in smokers. This(More)
OBJECTIVE Hospitalized smokers are often highly motivated to quit and receptive to assistance. There are few published accounts of hospital-based smoking cessation programmes implemented outside of a trial setting, particularly outside North America. We describe the implementation and effectiveness of a dedicated smoking cessation service in Freiburg,(More)
BACKGROUND Arterial ocular occlusions in apparently healthy young men are unusual. Because of inconsistent study results there is a great amount of insecurity with respect to the reasonable diagnostic approach in such a scenario. We report on the process of diagnostic steps in two young men with arterial ocular occlusion such as non-arteritic optic(More)
BACKGROUND The provision of tobacco dependence treatment in health care settings, particularly in countries lacking a history of strong tobacco control policy implementation, is limited by continued misconceptions on the part of health professionals and decision-makers regarding its worth and efficacy. In this paper, we rebut 9 arguments against the(More)
AIMS To conduct a preliminary study into the attitudes and current practices of health professionals towards providing tobacco dependence treatment to hospitalized patients. METHODS A staff survey was distributed within four hospital departments at the University Medical Center Freiburg. Surveys were received from 92 respondents (response rate 28.3%, of(More)
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