Jens Ø. Duus

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While the population genetics of inbreeding is fairly well understood, the effects of inbreeding on the physiological and biochemical levels are not. Here we have investigated the effects of inbreeding on the Drosophila melanogaster metabolome. Metabolite fingerprints in males from five outbred and five inbred lines were studied by nuclear magnetic(More)
Salmonella contain genes annotated as chitinases; however, their chitinolytic activities have never been verified. We now demonstrate such an activity for a chitinase assigned to glycoside hydrolase family 18 encoded by the SL0018 (chiA) gene in Salmonella enterica Typhimurium SL1344. A C-terminal truncated form of chiA lacking a putative chitin-binding(More)
Atlantinone A has been isolated from the psychrotolerant fungus Penicillium ribeum. The exact structure of the compound was confirmed by mass spectrometric and 1- and 2D NMR experiments. Atlantinone A was originally only produced upon chemical epigenetic manipulation of P. hirayamae, however in this study the compound was found to be produced at standard(More)
BACKGROUND It is unknown which metabolites are responsible for propylene glycol (PG)-induced toxicosis, and a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms explaining incidences of abnormal behaviour of dairy cows fed PG is therefore needed. METHODS The study included three cows of which one developed PG toxicosis. In order to investigate how the(More)
The novel quinazoline metabolite serantrypinone (1) has been isolated from an isolate of the microfungus Penicillium thymicola together with daldinin D (2), a new peracetylated spiro azaphilone derivative. The structures of 1 and 2 were elucidated by analysis of spectroscopic data, including 2D NMR, and comparison with literature data.
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