Jenq-Yang Chang

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The spatial dependence of absorption in a structured thin film solar cell is investigated through the rigorous coupled-wave analysis method. The investigated structure allows strong localized surface plasmon and surface plasmon polaritons, simultaneously. The absorptance of silver and amorphous silicon can be separately accounted for by calculating the(More)
An approach of enhanced light-trapping in a thin-film silicon solar cell by adding a two-filling-factor asymmetric binary grating on it is proposed for the wavelength of near-infrared. Such a grating-on-thin-film structure forms a guided-mode resonance notch filter to couple energy diffracted from an incident wave to a leakage mode of the guided layer in(More)
We present an LED-based ultra-mini DMD projector with a size of 75 mm x 67 mm x 42 mm. A compact homogenizer consisting of a double-side microlens array and two condensers was proposed to reduce the size of the pocket-sized projector. The homogenizer not only allowed for a reduction in the total track length of the system, but also reduced the angle of the(More)
Fluorescent biosensors have been widely used in biomedical applications. To amplify the intensity of fluorescence signals, this study developed a novel structure for an evanescent wave fiber-optic biosensor by using a Fabry-Perot resonator structure. An excitation light was coupled into the optical fiber through a laser-drilled hole on the proximal end of(More)
Dielectric microspheres are theoretically studied to reduce the propagation loss of Si-based photonic crystal slab waveguides. Two-dimensional photonic crystal formed by etched air hole can act as a template for microsphere sedimentation. The analytical results show that the transmission of the photonic crystal slab waveguides with microspheres can be(More)
In this letter, a real-time approach to identify the various DNA molecules hybridized of the integrated micro-fluid with the simplest manufactured guided-mode resonance (GMR) sensor is presented. By monitoring the resonant peak wavelength shift of GMR biosensor, the DNA hybridization experiment can be recognized and clarified. The biosensor exhibited(More)
A cost effective, high throughput, and high yield method for the increase of street lamp potency was proposed in this paper. We integrated the imprinting technology and the reflective optical element to obtain a street lamp with high illumination efficiency and without glare effect. The imprinting technique can increase the light extraction efficiency and(More)
In this Letter, we present a method of reducing the spectral width of guided-mode resonance (GMR) in air-bridged resonant grating-waveguide structures to enhance the Q factor. The posttreatment of adding a dielectric film to the bottom of the membrane to manipulate the resonance behavior is practicable. The introduced underlayer is shown to be capable of(More)
An interferometric lithographic technique and double exposure method are applied to theoretically and experimentally investigate several kinds of 2D periodic structures. The shape, lattice symmetries, and lattice constants of the 2D structures, for different substrate rotational angles, are obtained from the simulated predictions. The shape of the 2D(More)
A guided-mode resonance (GMR) filter with wide angular tolerances is experimentally demonstrated as an authentication label illuminated with unpolarized white light. The proposed filter, based on a free-standing silicon nitride membrane suspended on a silicon substrate, is fabricated by using anisotropic wet etching to remove the substrate beneath the(More)