Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor

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This symposium aims to bring forth issues related to HCI and UX in the Asia Pacific region, in the spheres of both industry and academia. Key areas addressed by the symposium include the level awareness of HCI and UX in the Asia Pacific region, and the design, application, and teaching of HCI and UX in a relatively new but complex Asia Pacific context. The(More)
In this position paper we present our view that Chinese international students in Australia are aided by the emphasis on student-centred learning and theory in practice in Australian tertiary instruction, even though this learning culture may contrast with the previous experiences of these students. We base our position on observations drawn from those with(More)
Within Australia women are more likely to experience poverty than their male counterparts, where certain negative life events could potentially place women in a crisis situation. This paper describes the use of a self-reported probe kit in a marginalised community of women who are living in crisis situations. The kit contains a video camera, disposable(More)
This paper considers the issue of evaluation in cross-cultural contexts, where the focus on Western principles of technology quality can be problematic. We present a case study of designing a Digital Community Noticeboard with an Australian Aboriginal community, and discuss how its evaluation may be better approached in terms of 'designing futures'. Rather(More)
Information and communications technology (ICT) plays an important role in facilitating information flows through fair trade supply chains. While previous research has focused on the role of ICT in providing consumers with fair trade producer information, few studies have considered the operation of feedback loops from consumers to producers, particularly(More)
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