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 Phylogenetic relationships in Stylosanthes are inferred by DNA sequence analysis of the ITS region (ITS1–5.8S–ITS2) of the nuclear ribosomal DNA in 119 specimens, representing 36 species of Stylosanthes and 7 species of the outgroup genera Arachis and Chapmannia. In all examined specimens of any particular diploid and (allo)polyploid species, only a single(More)
The house sparrow Passer domesticus is unique among wild birds in its close association with, indeed virtual dependence on, man. Not only in the agricultural environment, where presumably this association first evolved, but also in built-up areas. It would be expected that, with man’s dominance of the world, the future would be bright for the bird, but it(More)
A scanning electron microscopic study of the floral ontogeny of seven species of the Plumbaginaceae (representing five genera of the Armerioideae and two of the Plumbagoideae) is presented. The early ontogenetic stages in all species examined are sufficiently similar to propose the following familial description. The five sepal primordia are initiated(More)
Following the call from the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity “Cities & Biodiversity Outlook” project to better preserve urban biodiversity, this paper presents stakeholder-specific statements for bird conservation in city environments. Based upon the current urban bird literature we focus upon habitat fragmentation, limited habitat(More)
Corrosion resistance and specific finctional properties (dielectrical and decorative properties, adhesion, wear resistance) of aluminium alloys can be improved by su&ace treatments as electrochemical or chemical conversion reaction. The purpose of this study is to discuss the applicability of spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) and electrochemical impedance(More)
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