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A large amount of quality of life (QoL) information has been and is being collected in the oncology setting but it is unclear how such data influence decisions about the management of individual patients. A questionnaire designed specifically for the study was mailed to 260 senior oncologists to investigate how QoL data are being used outside the context of(More)
BACKGROUND Developers of health information websites aimed at consumers need methods to assess whether their website is of "high quality." Due to the nature of complementary medicine, website information is diverse and may be of poor quality. Various methods have been used to assess the quality of websites, the two main approaches being (1) to compare the(More)
Selected theoretical and empirical educational literature relating to peer review were evaluated. The aim of the survey was to provide guidance with regard to the possible introduction of peer review within the author's place of work. The results of the survey highlighted the positive benefits peer review had in terms of professional development, the(More)
AIMS To explore how patients with early breast cancer are managed surgically in New Zealand. METHODS A questionnaire was mailed to 195 surgeons registered as general surgeons. RESULTS Replies were received from 112 of the 186 currently working surgeons (60%), of whom 76 indicated that they treated patients with breast disease. Six per cent indicated(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the use of sun protection behaviours and the experience of sunburn in a sample of parents and their children in New Zealand. METHODOLOGY Information was collected from 887 parents using postal questionnaires at the beginning of and during the summer. RESULTS Thirty per cent of the parents believed their child looked healthier with a(More)
AIM To test the feasibility and acceptability of the use of a mobile device to access evidence-based practice (EBP) resources in the clinical setting. METHODS A pretest/posttest design was used with a convenience sample of 2nd- and 3rd-year preregistration undergraduate health care students in the United Kingdom. Questionnaires were used to measure (1)(More)
AIMS To investigate whether health care professionals had differing attitudes about cost and survival issues in regard to the treatment of advanced ovarian cancer. METHODS A questionnaire designed for the study was mailed to hospital doctors, hospital nurses, Crown Health Enterprise (CHE) managers and health authority managers who were working in the same(More)
A measurement of the inclusive deep inelastic neutral current e + p scattering cross section is reported in the region of four-momentum transfer squared, 12 GeV 2 ≤ Q 2 ≤ 150 GeV 2 , and Bjorken x, 2 · 10 −4 ≤ x ≤ 0.1. The results are based on data collected by the H1 Collaboration at the ep collider HERA at positron and proton beam energies of E e = 27.6(More)