Jenny Saxton

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OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that quantitative variation in eating behaviour traits shows a graded association with weight in children. DESIGN Cross-sectional design in a community setting. SUBJECTS Data were from 406 families participating in the Physical Exercise and Appetite in CHildren Study (PEACHES) or the Twins Early Development Study (TEDS).(More)
BACKGROUND The health benefits of physical activity for children are well established. Although objective measures of physical activity are increasingly used there is still a lack of adequate data on physical activity in children. Sex differences in physical activity have been consistently demonstrated and lower levels of physical activity in obese than(More)
Assessment of the severely impaired patient: description and validation of a new neuropsychological test battery. Adgang til testmateriale: SIB omfatter manual, registreringsark, billedmateriale samt diverse objekter (kop, ske, farvede brikker, billedmateriale). Både den lange og den korte version af SIB (SIB-S) forhandles af Pearson Assessment. Dansk(More)
We examine the cognitive ability of 58 demented patients who were evaluated with the Spanish version of the Severe Impairment Battery (SIB). The SIB is composed of multiple simple subtests for memory, language, orientation, attention, visual perception and ability to construct. The battery also assesses social skills, praxis and the ability to respond(More)
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