Jenny Rudolph

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Staphylococcus aureus synthesizes a large number of extracellular proteins that have been postulated to play a role in bacterial virulence. The proteomic approach was used to analyse the pattern of extracellular proteins of two different S. aureus strains, RN6390 and COL. Thirty-nine protein spots were identified by N-terminal sequencing or MALDI-TOF-MS.(More)
A new metabolic signaling pathway for arginine, both a chemoeffector and a fermentative energy source, is described for Halobacterium salinarum. Systematic screening of 80+ potentially chemotactic compounds with two behavioral assays identified leucine, isoleucine, valine, methionine, cysteine, arginine and several peptides as strong chemoattractants.(More)
Regulated phosphorylation of proteins has been shown to be a hallmark of signal transduction mechanisms in both Eubacteria and Eukarya. Here we demonstrate that phosphorylation and dephosphorylation are also the underlying mechanism of chemo- and phototactic signal transduction in Archaea, the third branch of the living world. Cloning and sequencing of the(More)
Halobacterium salinarium is a chemo- and phototactic archaeon whose signal transduction pathway includes the classical two-component system made up of CheA and CheY. Deletion analysis of the che operon in H. salinarium has been undertaken. Following the removal of the entire operon, the importance of each of the four individual members, cheY, cheB, cheA,(More)
A DNA probe to the signaling domain of a halobacterial transducer for phototaxis (HtrI) was used to clone and sequence four members of a new family of transducer proteins (Htps) in Halobacterium salinarium potentially involved in chemo- or phototactic signal transduction. The signaling domains in these proteins have 31-43% identity when compared with each(More)
Histidine kinases are part of the two-component signal transduction system responsible for eubacterial responses to diverse environmental signals. They have recently been detected in eukaryotes but their existence in the kingdom Archaea remains uncertain. Here we report the sequence and function of a histidine kinase (CheAH.s.) from Halobacterium(More)
There is now considerable controversy concerning the role that incremental change plays in the process of organizational transformation. Some scholars assert that incremental change is the primary source of resistance to more radical re-orientations, while others argue that on occasion, ongoing incremental change can produce dramatic transformation. To help(More)
An exact documentation is a necessary demand of modern medicine. Different methods of the registration of information, for example the conventional sick-paper, the punch card and the electronic data processing documentation are opposed with their pros and cons. The own experiences of the surgical hospital of the Friedrich-Schiller-University with the(More)
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