Jenny Radsma

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Evidence exists supporting relationships between bilingualism and many cognitive factors. Research, however, has not been conducted to specifically examine the relationships among bilingualism, critical thinking ability, and critical thinking disposition of baccalaureate nursing students. This cross-sectional study used a pooled, within-bilingual,(More)
Despite much attention on women's efforts to reduce or stop smoking during pregnancy and postpartum, less attention has been directed to fathers' experiences in modifying their smoking. Using narrative methods, interviews with 29 new fathers were examined to identify different ways in which men approached reducing or quitting smoking. Four storylines were(More)
Morbidity and mortality associated with smoking are major health problems. Nurses play an instrumental role in tobacco reduction, but their own smoking often interferes with this clinical opportunity. We conducted a grounded theory study with 23 nurses who smoked to describe how they managed the contradictions encountered when caring for tobacco-dependent(More)
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