Jenny R. Sider

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Helper T (Th) cell differentiation is highly regulated by cytokines but initiated by mitogens. By examining gene expression in discrete generations of dividing cells, we have delineated the relationship between proliferation and differentiation. Initial expression of IL-2 is cell cycle-independent, whereas effector cytokine expression is cell(More)
Coordinated interplay of the microtubule and actin cytoskeletons has long been known to be crucial for many cellular processes including cell migration and cytokinesis. However, interactions between these two systems have been difficult to document by conventional approaches, for a variety of technical reasons. Here the distribution of f-actin and(More)
Animal cells decide where to build the cytokinetic apparatus by sensing the position of the mitotic spindle. Reflecting a long-standing presumption that a furrow-inducing stimulus travels from spindle to cortex via microtubules, debate continues about which microtubules, and in what geometry, are essential for accurate cytokinesis. We used live imaging in(More)
Screening of small molecule libraries offers the potential to identify compounds that inhibit specific biological processes and, ultimately, to identify macromolecules that are important players in such processes. To date, however, most screens of small molecule libraries have focused on identification of compounds that inhibit known proteins or particular(More)
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