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In studies of the mere exposure effect, rapid presentation of items can increase liking without accurate recognition. The effect on liking has been explained as a misattribution of fluency caused by prior presentation. However, fluency is also a source of feelings of familiarity. It is, therefore, surprising that prior experience can enhance liking without(More)
BACKGROUND There is a pressing need for cost-effective population-based interventions to tackle early-onset antisocial behaviour. As this is determined by many factors, it would seem logical to devise interventions that address several influences while using an efficient means of delivery. The aim of this trial was to change four risk factors that predict(More)
BACKGROUND Parenting programs have been shown to work when delivered to motivated ethnic majority parents in demonstration projects, but comparatively little is known about their impact when delivered to high-risk, multi-ethnic populations by routine local services. METHODS The Primary Age Learning Skills (PALS) trial was a randomized controlled trial of(More)
Project managers and developers need to acknowledge the influence of IS stakeholders' perspectives and perceptions on the outcome of requirements negotiation-the essential component of requirements elicitation. This paper describes a conceptual study, which demonstrates such an influence and asserts that stakeholder perspectives, goals and issues are the(More)
This article describes a survey completed by 728 neuropsychologists for the purpose of gathering information about the assessment of reading in adults as part of neuropsychological examinations. The survey information gathered addressed (a) the general frequency of assessing adult reading, (b) the assessment tools used, (c) the general purposes for the(More)
Consensus building is essential in aligning multiple stakeholder viewpoints which are commonly emerging during the process of requirements elicitation, analysis and validation [15]. In fact, agreement among diverse groups of stakeholders is deemed prerequisite to establishing project cooperation and collaboration. While individuals frequently rank the(More)
In this article we examine the roles of individuals involved in traumatic head injury claims. These roles are described in terms of their integrated affects on one another, the outcome of the claim, and ultimately, society. Particular focus is on the role of the neuropsychologist as diagnostician, therapist, expert witness, and consultant; however, the(More)
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