Jenny Petrak

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OBJECTIVES To examine rates and patterns of self-disclosure of HIV serostatus amongst individuals attending an out-patient HIV clinic in East London. DESIGN A cross-sectional survey design was used. METHODS A volunteer sample of 95 out-patient HIV clinic attendees completed a self-report questionnaire examining patterns of disclosure to self-identified(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate current levels of sexual activity, enjoyment, condom use, and other factors affecting sexual behaviour in a sample of women living with HIV. METHOD Participants were self selected. A cross sectional design using semi-structured questionnaires was employed. 82 HIV positive women completed questionnaires asking about demographics,(More)
Our objective was to determine factors associated with sexual problems in a sample of HIV-seropositive gay male clinic patients. Using a cross-sectional survey design a volunteer sample of 78 outpatient HIV-seropositive gay male service users completed a self-report questionnaire. This examined sexual problems, their perceived causes and associated factors(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare and contrast women with a history of child abuse with those who have no history of child abuse on STI/HIV risk behaviours and safer sex beliefs in an inner city UK sample. DESIGN Cross sectional sample survey. METHODS Routine female clinic attendees were invited to complete an anonymous self report questionnaire which included(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify barriers to accessing sexual health care among the Bangladeshi community of east London and to develop a model of community participation in service development. METHODS Qualitative study using one to one interviews with sexual health service users plus focus groups in community settings. RESULTS 58 people participated in the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence of STI/HIV risk behaviours in a sample of homosexual men and investigate the psychosocial and cognitive variables associated with these behaviours. METHOD A sample of 123 users of a homosexual men's sexual health clinic completed a questionnaire which included demographic information, psychometric measures, history(More)
OBJECTIVE To review HIV testing and counseling policies and practices in the World Health Organization's (WHO) Eastern Mediterranean Region. METHODS We reviewed gray and published literature on HIV testing policies and practices in the 22 countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region, including surveillance, monitoring and evaluation reports. Missing or(More)
This study describes psychological symptomatology including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in 19 women attending a specialist sexual assault service within a genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinic. Women were interviewed within one year post-rape (mean = 12 weeks) using standardized questionnaires for PTSD and other psychological symptomatology.(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the rape attitudes of a sample of 252 British medical students. DESIGN A 20-item questionnaire was used. SETTING A London medical school. SUBJECTS Fourth-year medical students. RESULTS In general, students were well informed on legal and factual issues regarding rape and sexual assault. However, significant differences were(More)