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BACKGROUND Report based on a service-mapping study and a systematic review concerning sexual health services for young people, either based in or closely linked to schools. OBJECTIVES To identify current forms of school-based sexual health services (SBSHS) and school-linked sexual health services (SLSHS) in the UK, review and synthesise existing evidence(More)
Following a scheduled review of a university pre-registration Bachelor of Nursing program, a decision was taken to introduce a new model of clinical education delivery. Principles of collaboration, as used by other university nursing programs, were applied to the change management process. As the process of change progressed, a model incorporating(More)
The present project aimed to identify research activity at the health and social care interface in primary care within one National Health Service region, and to determine levels of research capacity and support within social services. The study was commissioned by a primary care research network (PCRN) in order to assess opportunities to increase research(More)
BACKGROUND The potential for sexual health services to influence the sexual health and behaviour of school-aged young people is only likely to be realised if these services are accessed. This review and synthesis seeks to explore children and adolescents' views and experiences of school-based and school-linked sexual health services to identify barriers to(More)
The ways in which inequality generates particular population health outcomes remains a major source of dispute within social epidemiology and medical sociology. Wilkinson and Pickett's The Spirit Level (2009), undoubtedly galvanised thinking across the disciplines, with its emphasis on how income inequality shapes the distribution of health and social(More)
This article considers findings from two recent qualitative studies in the UK, identifying parallels in the ways in which 'ecologies of practice' in two high-profile areas of health-related intervention underpin processes of empowerment and recognition. The first project focused on policy and practice in relation to teenage motherhood in a city in the North(More)
(2010). 'Selling it as a holistic health provision and not just about condoms ?' Sexual health services in school settings: current models and their relationship with sex and relationships education policy and provision. Sex education, 10 (4), 423-435. one copy of any article(s) in SHURA to facilitate their private study or for non-commercial research. You(More)
We present new UK research (1987-90) in the area of gender and office information systems design. Our paper will contribute to the CSCW debate in two areas. Methodology, where we use our case-study experiences to reflect upon the traditional computing approaches to office systems design. Secondly, participatory design, through our active involvement in the(More)
Many breast cancer survivors may be at increased risk for physical and psychological complications from cancer treatments. Research has shown that regular exercise can help ameliorate some of the lingering side effects of breast cancer treatments and improve health-related quality of life (HRQOL). Additionally, certain stress management techniques have(More)
Alexander; the contributors for their contributions. The moral rights of the authors have been asserted. Database right the Tufnell Press (maker). Cover photograph, From cradle to pram … life goes on, Contents Chapter 1 What's the problem with teenage parents? 1 Chapter 2 'What's important at the end of the day?' Young mothers' values and policy(More)