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AIM To evaluate the safety and efficacy of Vitamin E in children with chronic hepatitis B. METHODS We randomly assigned patients with chronic hepatitis B, positive for hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg), to receive either Vitamin E or placebo once daily for 6 mo in a 3:1 ratio and double-blind manner. The primary end point was HBeAg seroconversion, defined as(More)
In dysgnathic patients, who have to be treated by surgical repositioning of the jaws, the necessary bone movements are predicted preoperatively with the help of sophisticated analysis. A high degree of accuracy, could not however be transferred to the patient, because of lack of an operative procedure as accurate as the preplanning. In this paper a face-bow(More)
A review of the literature shows that intraoral lipomas are more common than they are generally believed to be. The clinical course of a case with unusual localization, size and clinical manifestation of an angiolipoma of the maxillary sinus is described. Differential diagnosis with other types of intraoral lipomas is made.
The computer-supported documentation of head and neck tumors by means of the BAIK-system is presented. The experience after introducing the project to clinical routine use in patient's treatment is outlined. The subsystems of BAIK are critically reviewed for this purpose. Although we realize some drawbacks of BAIK the system proved to be useful for our(More)
From 1984 to 1987 thirty-nine adult patients suffering from a transverse maxillary deficiency were operated by a modified Le-Fort-I-osteotomy to facilitate the following rapid orthopedic expansion. A horizontal osteotomy was made through the lateral wall of the maxilla from the interior lateral aspect of the piriform aperture to the pterygomaxillary suture,(More)
Gardner's syndrome is a dominant, familial cancer syndrome. It is characterized by intestinal polyposis, multiple osteomas, especially of the skull, and various soft tissue tumors (such as epidermal cysts or desmoid tumors). Late age of onset is the main feature distinguishing it from other polyposis syndromes. The risk of malignancies developing during(More)
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