Jenny M Petrie

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The current study attempted a cross-validation of specific phobia domains in a community-based sample of African American adults based on a previous model of phobia domains in a college student sample of African Americans. Subjects were 100 African American community-dwelling adults who completed the Fear Survey Schedule-Second Edition (FSS-II). Domains of(More)
This study examined the co-occurrence of anxiety disorders, specifically the relationship between parent and youth anxiety, in a community-based sample of 100 African American parents and their biological child between the ages of 6 and 17 years. Data were provided by both the parent and child. Parents completed the Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for(More)
The empirical literature pertaining to anxiety and related disorders in African Americans continues to be sparse, raising significant doubt upon the valid assessment of anxiety and related disorders in African American samples. The identification of culturally valid instruments that accurately identify the symptomatology associated with anxiety and related(More)
UNLABELLED Empirical literature pertaining to anxiety in African Americans has been relatively sparse. More recent studies indicate that the construct of social fear is different in African Americans than in non-Hispanic Whites. Although some of these studies have examined factor structure utilizing self-report measures of anxiety in African American(More)
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