Jenny M. Paterson

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This paper examines two facial composite systems that present multiple faces during construction to more closely resemble natural face processing. We evaluated a 'parallel' version of PROfit , which presents facial features in sets of six or twelve, and EvoFIT, a system in development, that contains a holistic face model and an evolutionary interface. The(More)
11 numbers, block lists, variable-sized blocks, indivisible writes, and offset addressing are key abstractions in such a generic interface. In addition to introducing a new disk abstraction, we have designed, built, and measured a log-structured implementation of the LD interface. This log-structured LD incorporates ideas from Sprite LFS [Rosenblum and(More)
The high resolution crystal structures of a recombinant fragment of the C-terminal fibrinogen-like recognition domain of FIBCD1, a vertebrate receptor that binds chitin, have been determined. The overall tetrameric structure shows similarity in structure and aggregation to the horseshoe crab innate immune protein tachylectin 5A. The high affinity ligand(More)
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