Jenny M Dahlberg

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Acute intermittent hypoxia (AIH) initiates plasticity in respiratory motor control, including phrenic long term facilitation (pLTF). Since pLTF is enhanced by preconditioning with repetitive exposure to AIH (rAIH), we hypothesized that a rAIH protocol consisting of 3 AIH exposures per week for 10 weeks (3×wAIH; AIH: 10, 5-min episodes of 10.5% O(2); 5-min(More)
We tested the hypotheses that: (1) long-term facilitation (LTF) following acute intermittent hypoxia (AIH) varies among three inbred rat strains: Fischer 344 (F344), Brown Norway (BN) and Lewis rats and (2) ventral cervical spinal levels of genes important for phrenic LTF (pLTF) vary in association with pLTF magnitude. Lewis and F344, but not BN rats(More)
Repetitive acute intermittent hypoxia (rAIH) increases growth/trophic factor expression in respiratory motor neurons, thereby eliciting spinal respiratory motor plasticity and/or neuroprotection. Here we demonstrate that rAIH effects are not unique to respiratory motor neurons, but are also expressed in non-respiratory, spinal alpha motor neurons and upper(More)
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