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Article history: Available online xxxx Keywords: Media and information ecology First year engineering students Facebook Twitter Social networking Survey study a b s t r a c t Media significantly shape how and what we learn. To date there is limited understanding of digital media and information use by engineering students. We comprehensively review existing(More)
Recent studies demonstrate that inadequate undergraduate advising often contributes to engineering students switching out of their majors. In this paper we present findings from a project undertaken to design and implement a web-based advising system for first-year engineering students. The advising system, AdWiki, has been accessed over 6425 times by over(More)
– Primarily as a result of the move of Computer Science into the College of Engineering, the first-semester engineering course taken by all first-year engineering students at Virginia Tech was significantly redesigned. The primary goal of the redesign was to switch from an inherently procedural programming language (Matlab) to an object-oriented language(More)
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