Jenny L. Thistleton

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Starch synthases (SS) are responsible for elongating the α-1,4 glucan chains of starch. A doubled haploid population was generated by crossing a line of wheat, which lacks functional ssIIa genes on each genome (abd), and an Australian wheat cultivar, Sunco, with wild type ssIIa alleles on each genome (ABD). Evidence has been presented previously indicating(More)
A previously reported Agrobacterium tumefaciens transformation system that transformed wheat cultivar Fielder at high efficiency was shown to also transform eight out of nine Triticum aestivum (hexaploid wheat) cultivars tested and two Triticum turgidum (durum wheat) cultivars. Transformation efficiencies of these wheat lines ranged from 1.5 to 51 %.(More)
Studies in Arabidopsis and rice suggest that manipulation of starch synthase I (SSI) expression in wheat may lead to the production of wheat grains with novel starch structure and properties. This work describes the suppression of SSI expression in wheat grains using RNAi technology, which leads to a low level of enzymatic activity for SSI in the developing(More)
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