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Two experiments evaluated prebreeding target BW or progestin exposure for heifers developed lighter than traditional recommendations. Experiment 1 evaluated the effects of the system on heifer performance through subsequent calving and rebreeding over 3 yr. Heifers (229 kg) were assigned randomly to be developed to 55% of mature BW (299 kg) before a 45-d(More)
A 2-yr study was conducted at 2 locations to determine if supplementing beef heifers with dried distillers grains (DDG) as an energy source affected growth or reproduction. Spring-born crossbred heifers (n = 316) were blocked by age or sire and age and assigned randomly to DDG or control (dried corn gluten feed, whole corn germ, urea) supplement. Heifers(More)
Clinical heterogeneity in multiple sclerosis is the rule. Evidence suggests that HLA-DRB1*15 may play a role in clinical outcome. Spinal cord pathology is common and contributes significantly to disability in the disease. The influence of HLA-DRB1*15 on multiple sclerosis spinal cord pathology is unknown. A post-mortem cohort of pathologically confirmed(More)
Ground, raw soybeans (SB), or dried distillers grain plus solubles (DDGS) were utilized in heifer development diets to determine the effect of dietary fat and protein source on hormone and follicle characteristics and ADG. The experiment was conducted over 2 yr with 100 June-born heifers (199 +/- 2 kg initial BW, n = 50 per yr). The experimental periods(More)
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