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Hepatitis C is the most common blood borne virus in Australia affecting over 200 000 people. Effective treatment for hepatitis C has only become accessible in Australia since the late 1990's, although active injecting drug use (IDU) remained an exclusion criteria for government-funded treatment until 2001. Treatment uptake has been slow, particularly among(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate patterns of drug use and injection-related risk behaviours among young Indo-Chinese injecting drug users (IDUs). METHOD Cross-sectional survey. A structured questionnaire was administered to 184 Indo-Chinese IDUs aged 15 to 24 in Sydney and Melbourne. Participants were recruited using snowball sampling techniques; measures(More)
In the UK a midwife is unlikely to meet many deaf women during her working life. Therefore very few midwives have a wealth of experience in providing care for these women. Postnatal discussion with one woman showed us that despite our good intentions the care we had given her was inadequate for her individual needs. We recognised that other deaf women were(More)
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