Jenny Johannisson

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Purpose – To show that the neo-pragmatist position of Richard Rorty, when combined with a sociocultural perspective, provides library and information science (LIS) with a forceful epistemological tool. Design/methodology/approach – Literature-based conceptual analysis of: historical development of pragmatism in relation to other epistemological positions;(More)
Adenovirus serotype 5 (Ad5) vectors carrying knobless fibers designed to remove their natural tropism were found to have a lower fiber content than recombinant Ad5 with wild-type (WT) capsid, implying a role for the knob-coding sequence or/and the knob domain in fiber encapsidation. Experimental data using a variety of fiber gene constructs showed that the(More)
Twenty-one patients who had undergone total hip replacement were randomly assigned to one of three groups in order to compare a single dose of 1 mg/kg of pethidine im (I) and 20 mg (II) or 60 mg of extradural pethidine (III) in a double-blind design. The degree of analgesia, the adverse effects, and the kinetics were studied for 18 h. Pain was monitored(More)
Low intrathecal doses of opiates produce dose-dependent long-wasting elevation of the pain threshold in rats. The effect is postulated to be mediated by a direct action on the substantia gelatinosa of the spinal cord. Eight uncontrolled and two controlled studies in man showed a long duration of analgesia for most patients in the postoperative period. The(More)
What’s the use of cultural research? In late modern society, culture is increasingly positioned as a key force or core element, whether in management or sustainable development discourses, debates on European integration or media trends. At the same time, the value and importance of cultural research is often somewhat paradoxically questioned, and there is(More)
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