Jenny J. Lin

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T cells discriminate between self and foreign antigenic peptides, displayed on antigen presenting cell surfaces, via the TCR. While the molecular interactions between TCR and its ligands are well characterized in vitro, quantitative measurements of these interactions in living cells are required to accurately resolve the physical mechanisms of TCR(More)
OBJECTIVES Physicians frequently express dissatisfaction about caring for patients with chronic pain and frequently report that inadequate training and concern about addiction are impediments to prescribing opioids. Elderly patients with chronic pain may be at increased risk of experiencing uncontrolled pain and this patient population is increasingly being(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have shown that lifestyle behavior changes are most effective to prevent onset of diabetes in high-risk patients. Primary care providers are charged with encouraging behavior change among their patients at risk for diabetes, yet the practice environment and training in primary care often do not support effective provider counseling. The(More)
Lifestyle behavior changes can prevent progression of prediabetes to diabetes but providers often are not able to effectively counsel about preventive lifestyle changes. We developed and pilot tested the Avoiding Diabetes Thru Action Plan Targeting (ADAPT) program to enhance primary care providers' counseling about behavior change for patients with(More)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is common in primary care patients 1 and is associated with psychological distress, suicide risk, and disability. PTSD also increases risk of incident and recurrent cardiovascular events, 2 possibly by reducing medication adherence. 3 Prior studies showing an association between PTSD and medication non-adherence 3 are(More)
BACKGROUND The objective of this study was to assess factors that affect breast cancer patients' recall of patient assistance services. METHODS We surveyed newly-diagnosed breast cancer patients and compared recall of receiving patient assistance services at 2 weeks and 6 months in a patient-assistance randomized controlled trial aimed to connect women to(More)
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