Jenny J Gordon

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There is evidence that significant changes may take place in the activities ofenzymes present in secreting glands under the influence of regulatory hormones. Gutman & Gutman (1938) reported increases in the acid phosphatase activity of prostate during the development of the epithelia induced by testosterone. According to Fuenzalida (1949), prolonged(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the ability of a 0.1% w/w o-cymen-5-ol/ 0.6% w/w zinc chloride/ sodium fluoride dentifrice to control oral malodour compared to a sodium fluoride control dentifrice. DESIGN Following baseline measurement of oral volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs), the subjects brushed twice daily for 1 week with either the test or control dentifrice.(More)
FROMAGEOT & DESNUELLE [1935] proposed a method of estimation of pyruvic acid based on the oxidation of x-ketonic acids by ceric sulphate. The value of the method is diminished by the fact that numerous substances commonly encountered in biological material, e.g. lactic and citric acids, also react with ceric sulphate. The interference by lactic acid is not(More)
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