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In this paper we describe a week long public field trial called Schminky. Based on our findings from the trial we consider the design implications for spontaneous, networked sound-based games. The venue for the trial was a café in a digital media centre. The paper reflects on the role of place and the notion of embedded histories.
INTRODUCTION Working parents are an interesting segment of the population because they have heavy demands in both home and work spheres. In an initial, in-depth study [1], we discovered many different strategies that working parents employ to help them cope with work and family demands whether they are at work, at home or mobile. This research also(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the family, educational and animal-related backgrounds and career aspirations of students who were selected on the basis of academic criteria with those selected using additional criteria. METHODS Questionnaires were completed during class time in the first few weeks of enrolment by incoming veterinary students at the University of(More)
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