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This paper argues for the usefulness of multimodal spoken language corpora and specifies components of a platform for the creation, maintenance and exploitation of such corpora. Two of the components, which have already been implemented as prototypes, are described in more detail: TransTool and SyncTool. TransTool is a transcription editor meant to(More)
We propose that analysing interviews with subjects who have been exposed to anthropomor-phic characters from a metaphorical point of view can provide insights into how characters in the interface are perceived. In a study of the Agneta & Frida system (two characters that comment contents of web pages in an ironic, humorous manner) we found that subjects who(More)
BACKGROUND Is it possible to increase the value, meaningfulness, and relevance of a course experience by integrating it with the healthcare context? Students and teachers from a course on organization, learning and leadership sought to explore this possibility through a collaborative effort with nurses from an affiliated teaching hospital. METHODS Working(More)
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