Jenny Hastings

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The level up procedure is a method for evaluating the learning gains of educational software, and tutoring systems in particular, that includes some form of embedded assessment. The instruction is arranged in levels that take only a few minutes to master, and students level up when the software indicates they have achieved mastery. This paper reports some(More)
In this paper we present our work on recognizing high level social constructs such as Leadership and Status from textual conversation using an approach that makes use of the background knowledge about social hierarchy and integrates statistical methods and symbolic logic based methods. We use a stratified approach in which we first detect lower level(More)
We have studied the potential of SPEAR as a dedicated source of synchrotron radiation, based on the expectation that SPEAR will become increasingly available for this purpose as PEP, the 18-GeV colliding-beam storage ring now under construction by LBL and SLAC, becomes operational. A synchrotron radiation research program has been underway since May, 1974.(More)
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