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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this retrospective and prospective case report is to describe the feasibility and outcomes of using a low-cost, commercially available gaming system (Wii) to augment the rehabilitation of an adolescent with cerebral palsy. PATIENT AND SETTING The patient was an adolescent with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy(More)
The distribution of serotonin in the spinal cord in two species of lamprey, Ichthyomyzon unicuspis and Petromyzon marinus, was studied by indirect immunofluorescence techniques. Multipolar cell bodies containing serotonin-like immunoreactivity were found along the length of the spinal cord, along the midline and slightly ventral to the central canal. These(More)
Natural killer (NK) cells in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) and bone marrow (BM) cells of the rhesus monkey were detected by their functional activity against K562 cells. Animals could be grouped into "high" or "low" NK responders, a trait found to be consistent over a period of 2 years. NK active cells in PBL were in the nonadherent population, with(More)
At this time, methotrexate and CNS radiotherapy used together offer the best chance for prolonged remissions in children who develop overt CNS leukemia. Toxicity is a major problem. Unless a lower dose of radiation is used, the contribution of radiotherapy to neurotoxicity cannot be reduced. However, the toxicity of intrathecal methotrexate can be reduced(More)
During the last nine years, two important methodologies have been used to characterize the cell surfaces of normal lymphocytes and malignant lymphoblasts. Normal mature T-cells have a receptor for sheep erythrocyte (E+) while mature B-cells bear membrane-bound immunoglobulin molecules (sIg+). These two findings can be used to divide acute lymphoblastic(More)