Jenny Erlichman

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The current guidelines for physical activity are based on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. In this article the magnitude and type of physical activity required to prevent unhealthy weight gain are assessed. Five categories of analyses are considered, ranging from the most rigorous analyses (based on D2O18 measures of energy expenditure) to(More)
The subject of this paper is a mechanism that allows customers to overtake others. In our system, customers observe the queue length upon arrival, and have the option of overtaking some or all of the customers already present in the queue. Overtaking is associated with a fixed price per overtaken customer. If a customer chooses to overtake some but not all(More)
The modern scientific study of physical activity began soon after World War II and focused on the epidemic of cardiovascular disease that was beginning to engulf the Western world. Early 'exercise prescriptions' then specified intense bouts of vigorous activity as the most effective way to maintain cardiovascular fitness and 'heart health'. Doctors and(More)
This paper analyzes strategic overtaking equilibria in a single server queue, where customers observe the queue length and have the option of overtaking some of the customers already present in the queue by paying a fixed amount per overtaken customer. Customers incur linear waiting costs, and act to minimize their expected total cost. Characterizing the(More)
Intelligent Vehicle Highway System (IVHS) represents the application of information technology to improve the effectiveness of the existing road transportation system resulting in increased safety and better traffic management [1,2]. In-Vehicle Safety Advisory and Warning System (IVSAWS) Program is a Federal Highway Admisistration project to develop a(More)
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