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The systematic comparison of genomic sequences from different organisms represents a central focus of contemporary genome analysis. Comparative analyses of vertebrate sequences can identify coding and conserved non-coding regions, including regulatory elements, and provide insight into the forces that have rendered modern-day genomes. As a complement to(More)
The interaction of autonomy (control over work activities) and social integration (relationships with co-workers) was investigated in a sample of newly employed nurses in the 6th and 12th month of work. Those nurses with low autonomy and low social integration reported low job satisfaction and work motivation, poor commitment to the organization and less(More)
The derivation and description of the embedded structure undergirding nursing interventions are provided in this study. To determine the dimensions of nursing interventions, multidimensional scaling was used to analyze similarity ratings among classes of interventions. Kruskal's stress formula indicated that the embedded structure is composed of three(More)
While recognition for work has been positively related to nurses' job satisfaction in the research literature, specific types of recognition that would be most meaningful have not been identified. In this descriptive survey, 341 randomly selected staff nurses rated the extent of meaningfulness of 38 head nurse recognition behaviors. The most meaningful, in(More)