Jenny Buontempo

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The relationship of perivascular tissues to arteries and veins in normal brain and glial tumors were investigated by light microscopy and by scanning and transmission electron microscopy. Vessels and perivascular tissues were separated through various planes by careful tearing of fixed tissue blocks of brain and tumour. Mirror surfaces of torn blocks were(More)
Previous observations have suggested that a reactive astrocytic response to damage does not occur in fetal brain. In this study the time course of the astrocytic response to injury in fetal and neonatal rat brains has been assessed using the immunoperoxidase technique for glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP). Cold lesions were induced in utero to the(More)
This paper looks at the construction of a twisted torus and it proves that when putting a Tr,s around a twisted torus a new torus knot Tr,z, results where z is a function of s, r, and n, where n is the number of twists in the torus. This paper shows that the stick representation on a twisted torus is 2ns + 2s which improves the known upper bounds for the(More)
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