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UNLABELLED Current methods for calculating the absorbed dose in a target region from a source region rely on a standard "reference man" geometry and assume an uniform distribution of radiolabel. While this approach is acceptable at the low levels of radioisotope administered for most diagnostic purposes, the generality of the calculations is not adequate(More)
To assess the tumor targeting, safety, and efficacy of monoclonal antibody 131I-labeled CC49 in patients with androgen-independent prostate cancer, 16 patients received 75 mCi/m2 of the radiolabeled antibody after 7 days of IFN-gamma pretreatment. Sequential tumor biopsies in three patients showed a median 5-fold (range, 2-6-fold) increase in the proportion(More)
The study investigated the process of information channel selection of Jewish studies scholars in Israel according to two theoretical frameworks, the 'cost–benefit ratio' that focused on the quality of the information provided by the channel and the 'least effort principle' that focused on the accessibility of the channel. The study sought to identify which(More)