Jenny B Schuessler

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This study sought to determine the effect of an advanced-practice-nurse (APN)-led telephone intervention on hospital readmissions, quality of life, and self-care behaviors (SCBs) of patients with heart failure (HF). Twenty participants were randomly assigned to either an experimental group that received the APN-led telephone intervention (ALTI) or a control(More)
Cultural humility requires self-evaluation and the awareness that one's own culture is not the only or best one. Teaching health care providers to become culturally humble includes the development of critical thinking skills and the ability to reflect on practice. Journaling as a teaching strategy helps students develop these skills. This article describes(More)
It is often difficult to engage nursing students and keep their interest when teaching pharmacology. This article reports on an effective change from a lecture-only approach to teaching with the use of games and case studies in a baccalaureate nursing education program. Improvements have been noted in standardized test scores and student evaluations, and(More)
Demonstrating scholarly competency is an expectation for nurse faculty. However, there is hesitancy among some faculty to fully engage in scholarly activities. To strengthen a school of nursing's culture of scholarship, a faculty development writing initiative based on Social Learning Theory was implemented. The authors discuss this initiative to facilitate(More)
BACKGROUND The faculty of an undergraduate nursing program decided to undertake a major curriculum overhaul, transitioning from a curriculum based on the biomedical model to a concept-based curriculum. However, shortly after the new curriculum was implemented, faculty identified many issues with how and when the concepts were being taught. METHOD In(More)
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