Jenny Abramov

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applications has created the need to store large amount of data in distributed databases that provide high availability and scalability. In recent years, a growing number of companies have adopted various types of non-relational databases, commonly referred to as NoSQL databases, and as the applications they serve emerge, they gain extensive market(More)
Security in general and database protection from unauthorized access in particular, are crucial for organizations. It has long been accepted that security requirements should be considered from the early stages of the development. However, such requirements tend to be neglected or dealt-with only at the end of the development process. The Security Modeling(More)
The recent advance in distributed data management techniques are growing, today the world need databases to be able to store and process big data effectively, demand for very high-performance when reading and writing, these effects especially in large scale and high concurrency applications, such as search engines hence the traditional database limits(More)
With the information becoming drastically and the structure of information turning out to be progressively adaptable, MongoDB has supplanted the relational database in numerous applications. In many applications it has outperformed the traditional SQL databases, and hence in this paper there would be modeling about the changes from SQL no NoSQL database(More)
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