Jennisa Areeyapinan

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Face morphing is an effect that shows a transition from one face image to another face image smoothly. It has been widely used in various fields of work, such as animation, movie production, games, and mobile applications. Two types of methods have been used to conduct face morphing. Semi automatic mapping methods, which allow users to map corresponding(More)
Image morphing is used to provide visual effects in television and film. Image Morphing derives from the word Metamorphosis, means change shape and size of an image. Transition of one object to another is termed as Morphing. This is an animation technique which metamorphoses the first image into the second image. The morphing technique has two steps:(More)
We present a method for Khon image retrieval using multi-descriptors. Khon is an ancient Thai cultural heritage that is very well-known from its gorgeous costumes and dance. Khon image retrieval can be adopted in various fields of work to preserve Thai culture and tradition. However, it is not trivial because of its complex and duplicated pattern caused by(More)
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