Jennilee Villanueva

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Dense vesicles can be observed in live bovine chromaffin cells using fluorescent reflection confocal microscopy. These vesicles display a similar distribution, cytoplasmic density and average size as the chromaffin granules visualized by electron microscopy. In addition, the acidic vesicles labeled with Lysotracker Red comprised a subpopulation of the(More)
Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) is an important cause of diarrhea in humans. EPEC infection of cultured intestinal epithelial cells induces attaching and effacing (A/E) lesions, alters intestinal ion transport, increases paracellular permeability, and stimulates inflammation. The lack of a small-animal model has restricted in vivo studies examining(More)
Sphingomyelin derivatives like sphingosine have been shown to enhance secretion in a variety of systems, including neuroendocrine and neuronal cells. By studying the mechanisms underlying this effect, we demonstrate here that sphingomyelin rafts co-localize strongly with synaptosomal-associated protein of 25Kda (SNAP-25) clusters in cultured bovine(More)
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