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Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common primary malignant brain tumor in adults with a median survival of 12-15 months with treatment consisting of surgical resection followed by ionizing radiation (IR) and chemotherapy. Even aggressive treatment is often palliative due to near universal recurrence. Therapeutic resistance has been linked to a subpopulation of(More)
The number of youth on the autism spectrum approaching young adulthood and attending college is growing. Very little is known about the subjective experience of these college students. Disability identification and self-efficacy are two subjective factors that are critical for the developmental and logistical tasks associated with emerging adulthood. This(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate cancer (PCa) is the leading cause of cancer in men in many developed countries, but no modifiable risk factors have been identified. A handful of analytical studies have suggested a possible etiological role for sunlight exposure. We report here on the association between leisure-time sunlight exposure during adulthood and PCa risk in(More)
Sight and attention are valuable in the kitchen. Using tones to alert the cook is a common convention in appliance interfaces. A timer alert, however, is not a very informative form of feedback to receive from an appliance. Color is a better indicator of whether or not the food in question is ready. For the purposes of this project, we restricted the(More)
One fundamental challenge in designing organic light-emitting diodes is luminescence quenching near an electrode. In this work, we investigate the underlying mechanism behind luminescence quenching by measuring the reduction in Alq 3 photolumines-cence due to SnO0 2. Using an analytical model and a Monte Carlo simulation for exciton dynamics in amorphous(More)
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