Jennifer Y. H. Chan

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ABCA1, a cholesterol transporter expressed in the brain, has been shown recently to be required to maintain normal apoE levels and lipidation in the central nervous system. In addition, ABCA1 has been reported to modulate beta-amyloid (Abeta) production in vitro. These observations raise the possibility that ABCA1 may play a role in the pathogenesis of(More)
An immunoglobulin G (IgG) preparation of the serum from a patient with active Graves' disease was used to isolate cDNA clones from a lambda gt11 cDNA library of human thyroid follicular carcinoma tissue by immunoscreening. One of these clones, hML-7, is further characterized herein by sequencing, Northern analysis, and chromosomal mapping. The clone reacted(More)
ABCA1-deficient mice have low levels of poorly lipidated apolipoprotein E (apoE) and exhibit increased amyloid load. To test whether excess ABCA1 protects from amyloid deposition, we crossed APP/PS1 mice to ABCA1 bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) transgenic mice. Compared with wild-type animals, the ABCA1 BAC led to a 50% increase in cortical ABCA1(More)
Lipid trafficking in the brain is essential for the maintenance and repair of neuronal membranes, especially after neurotoxic insults. However, brain lipid metabolism is not completely understood. In plasma, LCAT catalyses the esterification of free cholesterol on circulating lipoproteins, a key step in the maturation of HDL. Brain lipoproteins are(More)
cDNA clones were isolated by screening a human thyroid carcinoma lambda gt11 library with immunoglobulins purified from serum of a patient with autoimmune Graves' disease. One clone (ML8) containing a 1.25-kilobase (kb) insert hybridized with a single 2.0-kb poly(A+) mRNA in human thyroid and lymphocytes but not in human brain, liver, kidney, or muscle. In(More)
Curvelets are efficient to represent highly anisotropic signal content, such as a local linear and curvilinear structure. First-generation curvelets on the sphere, however, suffered from blocking artefacts. We present a new second-generation curvelet transform, where scale-discretized curvelets are constructed directly on the sphere. Scale-discretized(More)
A basic reason for undertaking these studies was to further our knowledge of the structure and function of the TSH receptor as well as its interaction with other receptors on thyroid cells. The multiplicity of observations suggests the approach is bearing fruit, does not provide a simple answer, and can have pitfalls. We hope they may also contribute to(More)
Segmentation is the process of identifying object outlines within images. There are a number of efficient algorithms for segmentation in Euclidean space that depend on the variational approach and partial differential equation modelling. Wavelets have been used successfully in various problems in image processing, including segmentation, inpainting, noise(More)