Jennifer Xu

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have received well-deserved attention from both the industry and the research communities, yet the usability of these systems remains a challenge. This paper proposes a model of the usability of ERP systems based on collaboration theory. In this model, Commitment to Joint Activity (CJA), Mutual Responsiveness (MR),(More)
The MET tyrosine kinase has been identified as a susceptibility gene in patients with autism spectrum disorders. MET is expressed in the forebrain during prenatal and postnatal development. After birth, MET participates in dendritic outgrowth and circuit formation. Alterations in neuronal development, particularly in the cerebral cortex, may contribute to(More)
The ability to selectively target disease-related tissues with molecules is critical to the design of effective therapeutic and diagnostic reagents. Recognizing the differences between the in vivo environment and in vitro conditions, we employed an in vivo selection strategy to identify RNA aptamers (targeting motifs) that could localize to tumor in situ.(More)