Jennifer Xu

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PURPOSE Energy discriminating, photon-counting detectors (PCDs) are an emerging technology for computed tomography (CT) with various potential benefits for clinical CT. The photon energies measured by PCDs can be distorted due to the interactions of a photon with the detector and the interaction of multiple coincident photons. These effects result in(More)
The MET tyrosine kinase has been identified as a susceptibility gene in patients with autism spectrum disorders. MET is expressed in the forebrain during prenatal and postnatal development. After birth, MET participates in dendritic outgrowth and circuit formation. Alterations in neuronal development, particularly in the cerebral cortex, may contribute to(More)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have received well-deserved attention from both the industry and the research communities, yet the usability of these systems remains a challenge. This paper proposes a model of the usability of ERP systems based on collaboration theory. In this model, Commitment to Joint Activity (CJA), Mutual Responsiveness (MR),(More)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have become essential in industry, yet the potential value created through system use can be illusive due to poor usability. Extensive interviews with users revealed that the underlying complexity of these systems manifests itself in unintuitive interfaces that are challenging to use. Given the lack of progress(More)
There is an increasing number of research reviews on virtual teams, and researchers continue to probe new ways of investigating the effects of working at a distance. Yet with all this new knowledge, it is unclear what we have learned about the progress of science in the field. One way that researchers learn about a field of study like virtual teams is to(More)
The study of networks is an active area of research due to its capability of modeling many real world complex systems. Social Network gains its popularity due to its ease of use. It enables people all over the world to interact with each other with the advent of Web 2.0 in this Internet era. Online Social Networking facilitates people to have communication(More)