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In connection with a study aimed at the evaluation of electronic effects in spiro-dicorrole (1a) and its binuclear Ni(II) complex (1b) we became interested in gem-dimethyl-substituted cyclotetrapyrrole (2a) and the corresponding Ni(II) complex (2b). Attempts to prepare 2a as the 12,13,16,17-tetraethyl-2,3,7, 8-tetramethyl derivative (5) by an acid-catalyzed(More)
The versatility of a resorcinol-substituted phenanthroline-strapped porphyrin was enhanced by appending allyl chains via a double Claisen rearrangement. Two pyridine arms were then appended to the resorcinol oxygens. This multifunctional porphyrin is a suitable generic building block for the preparation of liposoluble heme protein models. X-ray(More)
Viologens can exist in three redox states varying from dicationic to neutral. This work emphasizes the control of the host-guest properties in bis-viologen cyclophanes. Two flexible cyclophanes were prepared by a cyclisation method sensitive to the odd/even number of carbons in the flexible chains linking two viologens. C5 and C7 cyclophanes were(More)
[structure: see text] The synthesis of a Pacman heterobisporphyrin associating an octaethyl porphyrinatozinc (ZnOEP) energy donor and a triaryl porphyrinatozinc (ZntPP) energy acceptor around a calix[4]arene spacer is described. Contrary to previous symmetrical architectures, correlations between the chromophores in the unsymmetrical calixarene bisporphyrin(More)
Three self-assembled photonic dyads comprising a zinc porphyrin donor and a free base acceptor have been studied by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. The driving force of the assembly is the site selective binding of an imidazole connected to a free base porphyrin. Three spacers have been incorporated between the imidazole connector and the free base(More)
The synthesis of a porphyrin rotaxane by dipolar cycloaddition takes advantage of the ditopic character of a phenanthroline-strapped porphyrin. The success of the click reaction was conditioned by the presence of both a coordinatively unsaturated metal in the porphyrin and a copper(I) bound to the phenanthroline, pointing at a new "tandem active metal(More)
Carefully designed porphyrin building blocks assemble through selective imidazole binding in various solvents to form linear multiporphyrin objects. From a dynamic mixture of monomers, dimers, and oligomers, linear objects were observed on a highly oriented pyrolitic graphite (HOPG) surface. On the surface, the objects' morphology clearly depended on the(More)
The unique recognition properties of phenanthroline-strapped zinc porphyrin 1, which displays extremely high affinity for N-unsubstituted imidazoles, has been used as the driving force for the assembly of a photochemical dyad involving a zinc(II) porphyrin as energy donor and a free base porphyrin as energy acceptor. The synthesis of the(More)
An efficient noncovalent assembly process involving high geometrical control was applied to a linear bis(imidazolyl zinc porphyrin) 7Zn, bearing C(18) substitutents, to generate linear multiporphyrin wires. The association process is based on imidazole recognition within the cavity of the phenanthroline-strapped zinc porphyrin. In chlorinated solvents,(More)
Accessible and hindered phenanthroline-strapped Zn(II) porphyrin receptors exhibited suitable topography tailored to strongly and selectively bind N(1)-unsubstituted imidazoles and imidazoles appended to free-base porphyrins. Distal binding was clearly driven by the formation of strong bifurcated hydrogen bonds with the phenanthroline unit of the receptors.(More)