Jennifer Wu

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We explore the potential for and implications of musical (or proto-musical) social interaction and collaboration using currently available technologies embedded into mobile phones. The dynamics of this particular brand of social intercourse and the emergence of an associated aesthetic is described. The clichéd concept of a global village is made a vibrant(More)
Many studies have examined brain states in an effort to predict individual differences in the capacity for learning, with overall moderate results. The present study investigated how measures of cortical network function acquired at rest using dense-array EEG (256 leads) predict subsequent acquisition of a new motor skill. Brain activity was recorded in 17(More)
When healthy subjects undergo brain imaging, incidental findings are not rare. The optimal response to such findings has been the focus of considerable discussion. The current report describes the operations and results of a system that provides a review of incidental findings by an appropriate medical professional. A web-based system was created whereby(More)
OBJECTIVE Bilateral deficit is the increase in reaction time during bilateral activation compared to unilateral activation. This has been reported extensively for the limb muscles and is argued to be due to concurrent inhibition through transcallosal pathways. Unlike the limb muscles, the axial muscles are commonly activated bilaterally during functional(More)
What are the consequences of narrative style for the cognitive operations that comprehenders perform? Third person narratives can adopt different voices. Omniscient voice has access to the mental states of characters, while objective voice only describes how characters would appear to an observer. It's currently unknown what cognitive consequences different(More)
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