Jennifer Wong

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Based on the outcome of a number of experimental studies, progesterone (PROG) holds promise as a new therapy for stroke. To understand more about the mechanisms involved, we administered PROG (or the major metabolite, allopregnanolone, ALLO), intra-peritoneally, for a period of 24 h after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion to male mice variably(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals with stroke fall more often than age-matched controls. Although many focus on the multifactorial nature of falls, the fundamental problem is likely the ability for an individual to generate reactions to recover from a loss of balance. Stepping reactions to recover balance are particularly important to balance recovery, and individuals(More)
Inhaled pharmaceuticals are formulated and delivered differently according to the therapeutic indication. However, specific device-formulation coupling is often fickle, and new medications or indications also demand new strategies. The discontinuation of chlorofluorocarbon propellants has seen replacement of older metered dose inhalers with dry powder(More)
Technology-based assessment tools with semi-automated processing, such as pressure-sensitive mats used for gait assessment, may be considered to be objective; therefore it may be assumed that rater reliability is not a concern. However, user input is often required and rater reliability must be determined. The purpose of this study was to assess the inter-(More)
BACKGROUND Regaining independent ambulation is important to those with stroke. Increased walking practice during "down time" in rehabilitation could improve walking function for individuals with stroke. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of providing physiotherapists with accelerometer-based feedback on patient activity and walking-related goals during(More)
This study aimed to characterize inherent charge generated by micron-sized drug-only formulations of amorphous and crystalline salbutamol sulfate (SS). Amorphous SS was produced by spray-drying whilst crystalline SS was produced by conditioning spray-dried SS with supercritical CO2 and menthol. Electrostatic charge of the powders was characterized in two(More)
This study was undertaken to evaluate the biopharmaceutical properties of cyclosporine A (CsA)-loaded nano-matrix particles for inhalation. Nano-matrix particles of CsA with mannitol (nCsAm) were prepared by a flash nano-precipitation technique employing a multi-inlet vortex mixer and evaluated in terms of physicochemical properties, anti-inflammatory(More)
To demonstrate the novel application of nano X-ray computed tomography (NanoXCT) for visualizing and quantifying the internal structures of pharmaceutical particles. An Xradia NanoXCT-100, which produces ultra high-resolution and non-destructive imaging that can be reconstructed in three-dimensions (3D), was used to characterize several pharmaceutical(More)
BACKGROUND Regaining independent ambulation is the top priority for individuals recovering from stroke. Thus, physical rehabilitation post-stroke should focus on improving walking function and endurance. However, the amount of walking completed by individuals with stroke attending rehabilitation is far below that required for independent community(More)