Jennifer Winner

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OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the optimal focal distance for a semitransparent monocular head-mounted display (HMD) integrated with a flight simulator display and to investigate whether observers experienced visual discomfort or impaired target recognition when using an HMD set at the optimal distance. BACKGROUND When an observer wears a monocular HMD(More)
Because it determines the "reserve" of the pacemaker's output circuit, threshold measurement remains the single most important factor that will ultimately ensure successful pacing. In this review, we describe the various techniques and significance of threshold measurement in relation to the property of pacemaker output circuits. There are two basic types(More)
Simulated imagery was used to determine the effect of target and background blur on target identification performance. An interaction between these two variables was found, indicating that greater image detail may not improve performance, and hence may not be required in applications for which high-resolution databases are not readily available.
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