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Engineering students, and STEM majors in general, often enroll in college but do not have the ability to succeed mathematically in Calculus I. If they do not know algebra and precalculus very well, they do not succeed in calculus, and often drop out altogether. The program described is one designed to save those students whose algebra skills are weak, but(More)
Source images are extracted from two-particle correlations constructed from strange and nonstrange hadrons produced in 6A GeV Au+Au collisions. Very different source images result from pp vs p Lambda vs pi(-)pi(-) correlations. Scaling by transverse mass can describe the apparent source size ratio for p/pi(-) but not for Lambda/pi(-) or Lambda/p. These(More)
Rapidity distributions of protons from central 197Au+197Au collisions measured by the E895 Collaboration in the energy range from (2-8)A GeV at the Brookhaven AGS are presented. Longitudinal flow parameters derived using a thermal model including collective longitudinal expansion are extracted from these distributions. The results show an approximately(More)
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